Optimising building performance through enlightenment

Problem solving in building performance is a technical exercise involving complex and multiple means. Andes suite of advisory services will enlightened building owners and assist in their decision making.

Our area of expertise:-

  • Façade finishes/system
  • Roof material
  • Waterproofing system
  • Floor and finishes


Project Profile

Building Façade Assessment

  • Dropping Render
  • Façade Leakage
  • Spalling concrete
  • Debonding Tile

Failure Analysis

  • Mouldy floor
  • Leaky temple roof
  • Crushing window
  • Disintegrating ledges

Expert Witness

  • Debonding and pitting epoxy floor
  • Ground settlement damage
  • Roof damage from explosion
  • Damage from Inter-floor leakage