making the invisible visible

Building Diagnostic involved methodologies and techniques to determine the condition and performance of a building. Building diagnostics unveils information that is latent but nevertheless critical to building owners. This information is useful in the process of acquisition, repair and failure analysis.

There are three main types of building diagnostics:-

Commission Diagnostic
• Change-over of Managing Agent
• Pre-purchase due diligence
• Discharge of Warranty

Monitoring Diagnostic
• Preventive Maintenance
• Post/Pre-Repair Assessment
• Ground Settlement

Investigation Diagnostic
• Failure Analysis
• Expert Witness
• Intervention Strategy

Project Profile

Façade and Structural Investigation
YWCA Hotel
Change Alley Plaza and Bridge

Quality Control Inspection
QA engineer for Aljunied Town Council 2005
Structural appraisal to 56 Farleigh Road

Thermography Survey
Pantech Industrial Park
Hilton Hotel, Singapore
Roof at HDB roof